Something just hit me about a month after I turned thirty

For all the change, contrast, and development that arises from your first thirty years, in the second (or third, I suppose, if you’re lucky…) do you just basically continue to exist how you are?

Generally speaking, you’re not going back to college, learning to play the piano again, choosing another career… nobody in my generation has (or will have) the time or means for that, if we’re lucky enough for it to be an option.

Thanks to Gray Kimborough

I suppose that it’s good that I’m happy where I am at the moment.

I’ve heard that things like having a pet (or a kid!) might change you in unexpected ways, but can it/does it parallel the severity/magnitude of changes you experience in your first thirty? And, given that (at least in the UK) it’s quite difficult to make the transition from “renting young professional” to “family-stable homeowner” due to the intricate and restrictive powers that landlords have over your habitation in the UK, turning 30 definitely feels a bit stultifying.

Who knows. I suppose this is just one of a few thoughts you get to think at the “big” birthdays.

Here’s to another decade.

Last modified 2021.07.16