Yet Another Geographer


A stray thought on the US, UK, and celebrity in Politics

A Famously Bad Gamble

Dynamic Dispatch is Awesome

Is depopulation harder to redistrict?

Something just hit me about a month after I turned thirty

The disappointing finitude of screens

Boomeranging: It's all coming back to us

Gunnar Olsson and the Counterfactual Imagination in Geography

Spatial Modelling 2 Lectures: Topics in Advanced Spatial Modelling

CUSP London, Exeter, and ASU

Columbia GSAPP Lecture Series

Disabling Technologies

Q-Step Festival & Geosilhouettes

Deep work and the reverse todo list

Open Code is Not Enough

Email Charter

Cenpy 1.0.0


Who's Fixed?

The Geometer's Angle

Using lookahead testing


Challenge in Science

GISRUK I: CDRC Brexit Analysis Competition

GISRUK II: Spatially-Encouraged Spectral Clustering

Mpl Is Just Fine


Spatial Autocorrelation Functions

Reverse-PCA for making sense of the typical structure in multivariate models

I often find myself looking for spaces like those I used to like in Brooklyn or Phoenix

throwing in a spatially-correlated random effect may mess up the fixed effect you love - revisiting Hodges and Reich (2010) for SAR models

Does projection matter for compactness indices?

Finally making headway on Brexit Data

this should probably be a tweet

running on all cores

price clusters in airbnbs in brooklyn

matplotlib.ion mode

An article I’ll never get to write because my hypothesis was wrong.

the highest dimension scatter

Some thoughts on “Rise of the Thought Leader”

I am sure my dissertation would be finished

I guess I have code and math working now

Spatial Econometric HMC in Python

is my uptime excited or scared?

all those p-values will be lost in time

An update on PhD Burnout

A short exploration of the 2016 electoral swing

Want to draw spatially-correlated values wihtout all the fuss?

Working between python 2 and python 3

Yet another elections simulator

elections simulators

libsixel is real cool


How one weird trick helps you evaluate correlated Normal distributions quickly

something's up with PyMC3's diagnostics...

The importance of centering variables

debugging the constituency level electoral archive

The joys of using political data

spatially-varying coefficients models

Progress in (a) Human Geography

Formally Winding down GSOC

spatially-varying components models are finally coming together

A Post-SciPy Chicago Update


Using Soft Dependencies Effectively

Partially Applied classes with __new__

more on log determinants

log deterimnants

but yet so far

GSOC Call Notes, June 6 2016

The Beginnings of a new API

sampling distributions at each grid site

Call notes about my Request for Comment

GSOC Introduction

RFC for GSOC Feedback

Puzzles about (mis)Replication

it's aliiiiiiiiive!

Lit Review Habits

Bringing Classifiers Alive in PySAL

yep, that's an image from within the terminal

reblogging from NPR

A quick note on Hierarchical Linear Models

Trivial Python Multiprocessing

A bite of a “free lunch” optimizing numerical routines in Python

one of my favorite diagrams

A Tricky Bit Implementing Skyum’s Algorithm

Trajectories & Transitions


coverup and say goodnight

The competence ceiling

New York is very nice

The “Compilation Error”Reading Technical Articles

how we got here isn't the only way we could've gotten somewhere

and bears, oh my

Some realizations on FOSS-Governance

Two points in learning to program

ah yes, I am in fact skilled in spatial autocorrelation

Things I remind myself always

First CartoDB map

On the subject of porting,

and the dissertation begins in earnest

Reflections on a hard-won win for PySAL

compressing the entire census

I have written more code in the day after SciPy

Gearing up for the last day of SciPy 2015


Cenpy Big Query

business in the front, party distributed across 32 backs

Cenpy is now pip installable!

“Maybe the Shapefile was right after all” is right after all


Pip bug

My (summer) Job, SF, and Gitter + IRC

Happy GeoHacking

there really is a big difference vis. scipy/numpy random sampling

And what did we learn today, kids?

It's funny how a little math can simplify a function call

Making Sense of NMMI


Voronoi Gripes

About the voronoi diagram problem

vornoi bugs

Some New Realizations on Oooooold Material

A Short Realization on Gelman-King (1994)

I got worse at R

whyyyyy do we not use package managers everywhere?

Going to Scipy 2014

the eternal return (to vim)

I'm sorry, what's your suggested change?

flows are blue, always

gotta wonder whether her parents were just having a laugh

Answer keys that simply tell you

same as it ever was

the spring break wanter has logged on

Modified an existing ASU beamer template

Welcome Week Tips

starting to learn julia


first simple program in julia- a greedy knapsack

went crawling back into workflowy's arms today

remain in light

Time Management or Fortitude

whew.... first "thing" sent off in grad school

On Perpsective