CUSP London, Exeter, and ASU

Man, it’s been a busy start to 2020. I’ve had such a great time talking to folks about new ideas on cities, spatial statistics, and machine learning. Back in late January, I gave a talk on our now-published paper on social boundaries in cities at CUSP London (slides), invited by my gracious and wonderful host, Jon Reades. Then, I went off to western Ireland for some short R&R, catching gale force winds at the Cliffs of Moher & some nice evenings in Dingle, Co. Kerry.. Then, I headed off to Exeter to give a different talk about multilevel models & geography (slides). And, finally, I’m headed off to Arizona State University to talk with my friend Taylor Oshan about a taxonomy of geographical “scale” in quantitative geography (slides). Oof!

Presenting your work is one of the more enjoyable parts of the job, I think, so this has been such an energizing period! At the same time, I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit later in the spring 😀.

Last modified 2020.02.08