Mpl Is Just Fine

I’ve been using matplotlib for nearly 5 years at least once a week. I’m still learning things that exist within the pylab interface… not the most ideal UX. For instance, I just learned about plt.axvline, which I could use to draw vertical lines in my code instead of what I usually use, plt.vlines(coordinate_list, *plt.gca().get_ylim()), but it’s not as general as plt.vlines since it actually plots a rectangle. Still, though, for most of what I do (which is a single vertical line for drawing specific axes/time breaks in a plot) it’s easier.

The fact that there’s also no abline still gets to me, too, when I step back from it.

I wonder if you could make it “better” by making a better API that focuses on the UX, adding a bit more semanic structure/nesting to the pyplot api that users could understand.

CLI UX is really hard, especially for cases where you can’t pipe, but you can nest.

Last modified 2018.03.18