Columbia GSAPP Lecture Series

GSAPP Flier for my talk

Tuesday, I present on some of my research at the Lectures in Planning Series for the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. The work is on some of my current papers & methods for boundary analysis, understnading the structure and shape of boundaries in urban envionments. I’ll talk a litte bit about my Geosilhouettes paper (with Eli Knaap and Serge Rey), as well as two other papers (one on Kernel Learning and another on information theory, with no preprint availble).

I’m real excited to be back in NYC, but I’m also real excited for the opportunity to give a talk that’s not in my usual audience; I really enjoy stretching myself to try to present results outside of my field in an intelligible and useful manner.

Hopefully I succeed on that count :)

For those interested, a static verison of my slides can be found here.

Last modified 2019.11.17